Gym Rings


Our premium quality gymnastic rings consist of a pair of rings with each ring tied to a detachable strap.

Tough nylon straps

Adjustable straps

One-touch adjustment clip


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Functions of Gym Rings 

  • Perfect for upper body and core strength training

Gymnastic exercise rings are an ideal tool to train for upper body and core strength thanks to their inherent instability. The rings’ instability makes it difficult for the exerciser to remain stable, forcing them to fully engage their upper body and stabilization muscles hence strengthening them.

  • Perfect for balance training

The workout rings move at the slightest touch, which forces the exerciser to dedicate maximum concentration in order to restrain them from swaying. This challenge helps in tremendous balance improvement.

  • Coordination training

Coordinating your balance, stability, and movements while exercising with gymnastic rings is quite a challenge. Although it might seem challenging to achieve, doing enough exercises using pullup gym rings will ultimately give you great coordination abilities.

  • Good for maintaining joint health

Gymnastic ring training is an excellent way to keep your wrists and shoulder joints in perfect health.

Features of Gymnastic Ring

  • Premium-quality

Our wooded gymnastic rings provide a feel-good touch when exercising. They also provide good traction and significant weight that feels substantial in your hands.

  • Adjustable straps

You can easily adjust the straps to suit your desired length for varying exercises or depending on a user’s height.

  • Tough nylon straps

The straps are made of tough nylon that cannot tear or break even when strained.

  • One-touch adjustment clip

In just a single touch, your clip will lock or open to adjust.

  • Supports unlimited body weight

Our gymnastic rings and straps can support any body weight. Children, adults, lightweights, and heavyweights can safely exercise with them.

  • Versatile

You can use our gymnastic rings to perform a wide range of activities both at home and at the gym.

You should have enough space and maintain adequate height and width to perform your exercises.


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