Adjustable Weight Bench


A zero gap adjustable bench is the ultimate workout bench with back and seat pad adjustments that allow it to function as a flat, incline, and decline (FID) bench, all in one unit.


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Adjustable Weight Bench

Adjustable bench is the ultimate workout bench.

Back and seat pad adjustments that allow it to function as a flat, incline, and decline (FID) bench

Gap between the back and seat pads can be eliminated through the adjustments.

Functions of Zero Gap FID Benches

  • Complete Muscle Targeting

The adjustments on our exercise benches allow you to target and train the full range of muscles in any workout.

  • Ideal Back Support

Our adjustable workout bench offer ideal back support in any exercise for comfortable positioning, maximal efficiency, and ideal ergonomics.

  • Unlimited Exercise Variation

The full range of adjustment allows a plethora of exercises on the FID bench. Aside from weightlifting workouts, you can use it for step-up or plyometric exercises too.

The Best Exercises to Perform

If you need to take your upper body training routine to the next level, this adjustable gym bench could be the key. It opens a world of possibilities to isolate and target every muscle.


Features of the Adjustable Weight Bench

Sturdy exercise unit with complete adjustability to function as a flat, incline, and decline bench. The patented zero-gap feature eliminates the discomfort caused by usual adjustable benches with a space between the back support and seat pad.

A space-saving and cost-effective addition to any commercial gym. The high weight capacity and durable frame allow it to be used throughout the day for heavy and intense weightlifting workouts.

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